Sunday, October 11, 2015

Virgin vixen on the run!

Revolutionary silkiness.
In the years since Patty Hearst's arrest, release, and eventual pardon by Bill Clinton, she has unfortunately disavowed her revolutionary past and except for a few appearances in some John Waters films, faded into normalcy. Her Shih Tzu even won a prize at this year's Westminster Dog Show! A far cry from armed robbery and getaway car driving.

In 1977, however, while Patty Hearst was still sitting in prison, one of my all-time favorite bands, The Misfits, released their first single:"Cough/Cool" backed with the Patty Hearst-themed "She." "She" ended up being the more popular of the two, and has been re-recorded, re-released, and covered by a variety of bands throughout the years. The first version was recorded just a few months after the band formed and featured Glenn Danzig on keyboard, but today's version was recorded a year later with guitar for The Misfits' first full-length album, Static Age. Listen, and travel back to when Patty was Tania and Tania was a badass. 

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