Friday, October 30, 2015

What's inside your haunted head?

With a resume that includes playing guitar for The Gun Club, The Cramps, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't aware of Kid Congo's solo career until last year. Obviously he's a legend, and his solo work is in the same vein as the bands he's contributed to, with lots of punk, surf, psychobilly, and horror influences. As late as I am to the Kid Congo party, I'm excited to have a few new albums to obsess over!

Kid Congo's early life is just as fascinating as his music career, and he wrote about it in some detail in a March 2014 Huffington Post article called "How I Came Out of the Closet and into the Streets." He grew up in Los Angeles and began obsessing over David Bowie in the early 70s, as well as attending Rodney Bingenheimer's  English Disco, where a lot of glam rock stars hung out. He helped form The Gun Club in the late 70s, joined The Cramps soon after, and has continued his streak of awesomeness ever since. 

Today's song is a glittery, surreal trip into the unknown. It's the title track to his most recent release, 2013's Haunted Head, and if you like it, check out the rest of his work! He puts the authentic back in trash.

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