Thursday, October 1, 2015

Five years dead!

And lo, on the first day of the fifth year of my entombment, the very worlds are of sound, and matter is but as an odor; and the notes of our pipes in this world may create beauty or bring forth abominations. When sourceless sounds occur, fear only that shape which a certain sound may form in the universe...

Oh! Sorry... with nothing to read down here but the Necronomicon, sometimes I forget how to speak to anyone except the Old Ones. To translate, today begins the fifth year of me slinging Halloween music at your ears from the confines of this blog! And I'm celebrating the same way I've celebrated every October 1st since 2011--with a song from The Cramps

While we already visited with "The Human Fly" a couple years ago, this reborn maggot is getting the spotlight once again because just recently a long-lost 1978 short film the band made for the song was unearthed. It features Lux Interior transforming into a fly, and Poison Ivy playing a scream queen and sexing up the joint as only she can. You can read more about the film's provenance here. Don't panic at the lack of sound in the beginning--the song starts in earnest at about two and a half minutes in, just as the lovely Ivy meets her 96-eyed fate.

So settle in with me and the Old Ones for 30 more days of howling demons, clacking skeletons, and this soothing insectian drone:

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