Thursday, October 29, 2015

No more hot dogs! No more excuses!

Speaking of Elvira's Halloween stage show, during last year's Elvira's Big Top, Brett Loudermilk used one of the most insane songs ever recorded for his sword/balloon
swallowing act: Hasil Adkins' "No More Hot Dogs." The song covers a few of Adkins' favorite topics, such as sex, meat eating, and decapitation, and is delivered in his signature one-man band style, along with demented cackles and lyrics. 

For obvious reasons, Hasil Adkins always had more of a cult following than mainstream success. That following was bolstered in the 80s when The Cramps covered his song "She Said," which includes a lyric describing Adkins' one night stand as "a dying can of that commodity meat." No wonder he wants his lady friends to lay off the hot dogs! 

In addition to being a progenitor of psychobilly, Hasil Adkins also acted in a few films and had some of his songs included on soundtracks. Since he was a lifelong resident of Appalachia (Boone, West Virginia), he was the subject of an Appalshop documentary, The Wild World of Hasil Adkins. Shockingly, after living 67 years on a diet mainly of coffee, meat, cigarettes, and liquor, in 2005 he died a few days after being run over by a teenager on an ATV. He is missed, but at least he got to keep his head.

And here is Hasil doing a live performance of "She Said" on Long Island's long-running cable access monster kiddie musical show, Ghoul A Go-Go:

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